Just Build Me A Closet

For almost a month, I was trying to get someone to come to my home and build a custom closet. Why? Because the companies I was dealing with are old school. They don't do email, they don't work weekends, and they definitely do not scope a project without coming over first to see it in person.

Is that a bad thing?

For the most part, it's not. You still go to the hairstylist when you want to get your hair cut, right? But the problem with the way these builders work is that they aren't evolving with technology. If you want to succeed in the long run, you have to be willing and able to change as times change. Take, for example, my project. If I had been able to email photos, measurements, and a sketch, do you know how much quicker the project would have been? Four weeks faster. That would have saved the builder from driving to my house just to look at the closet. And in that time, he could have done a different project and made money on said project. What's the age-old adage you always hear? Time is money.

Think about what services you use that could be made better for the next generation using technology that already exists. Could your business be one of them?