Instagram Secrets for Success

There are 5 things every blogger or business needs to know about using Instagram.

1. Connections matter
Reach out to other bloggers or brands that are of a similar size to yours, and make a connection. You want to have a "tribe" - that is, a group of individuals you can chat with. Bouncing ideas off of each other is essential, especially when you are a small business or a blogger who works alone!

2. Communicate
One thing that drives me nuts is when a popular blogger has a lot of comments from followers asking for information on a certain product or asking a follow up question regarding the post, and the blogger says ... nothing. Followers have questions and they should be answered to keep those followers engaged. Otherwise, you run the risk of them leaving because you are no longer fulfilling a need.

3. Consistency is key
Followers want to see one thing - consistency. That is, consistency in the size of your photos (don't post half in the landscape/portrait mode and half as squares), the colors of your photos (if you want highly saturated, colorful photos, don't post photos that are neutral based or black and white), and the tone (also known as how you write your caption). Stick with the decisions that you make!

4. Post
This sounds like a "duh" point, but make sure you are posting on a consistent schedule. If you post every other day, that is fine; and if you post every four hours, that is fine; but get your followers on a schedule that they will expect. If you skip posting for two weeks and then immediately post 17 photos, one right after the other, you are going to lose followers. Don't annoy your audience.

5. The Golden Rule
Be kind to other bloggers and businesses! If someone leaves a comment on one of your photos, take the time to check out their feed and maybe leave a comment on one of theirs. Treat others how you want to be treated. That's not to say that you have to follow every single person who follows your account, but this takes us back to point #1: Connect with others, and you will find an invaluable resource in their experiences (and they in yours).


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